Happy Birthday to Chasoben Designs

I can’t believe it is 2 years since I started Chasoben Designs. I had the idea to run my own little business when I was a teenager. Back then it was anything crafty, mainly patchwork and quilting. But as the years went on, I discovered knitting and crochet and then spinning. Oh yes spinning, I fell for that craft in a big way. 3 spinning wheels later, yes I have it that bad!!!

To celebrate the 2 years, I have released a new pattern & kit. This one is called Winter Star which comes in 3 different colours, Purple, Blue and Turquoise. I have also released the pattern separately, because not everyone wants not have the kit, if they have plenty of yarn in their stash 🙂 The pattern has 3 sizes although you can extend it longer if you choose to. I have tried to reduce the weight of the boxes, as postage is so expensive now. So these kits are in a smaller box and the yarn is in a smaller bag.

Although I live on the outskirts of Nottingham, it always amazes me, what I find in my garden. It is an unusual garden, as the end of the garden is higher than the house. It is terraced, with many wobbly steps. (Need to sort them!) Last weekend we went to the top to check how it is up there as we can’t see it from the house. Here are some photos of what we found 🙂

We have so many wild bluebells which appear every year, such a beautiful sight. The photo doesn’t do it justice. The animal home was one of 3 which we found, we was careful not to disturb, just in case somebody was at home. The twisted branch looks amazing up close, we have no idea what tree it is. It overhangs from next door, I asked my lovely neighbour does he know what tree it was and did he know it was there and it was no to both questions!

Last month Opal brought out a new yarn called ‘Joy’. I always like to knit a pair of socks when I get the new arrivals 🙂 Firstly to see how the pattern appears in real life and secondly so I get myself a new pair of socks 😛

Opal’s newest yarn – Joy

As usual this yarn is lovely to work with and is hard wearing as I have a few pairs now in my sock drawer, that are in regular use 🙂

Take care and look after yourselves

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