Colour Inspirations

What inspires you when it comes to colours when starting a new project or choosing the right colour for knitting your next garment? About a month ago, me and hubby managed to have a week on a coach tour to the Netherlands. Wow it’s amazing how a few days away can really recharge your batteries! As we travelled we saw so much colour from flowers, landscapes to the waterways. It got me thinking about colours and how it can inspire you to be creative, especially when you come to a mental block when you want to make an item or be creative.


Just seeing the lines or blocks of tulips, can show how nature can have an impact on how we view the colours. One of the excusions on our tour was to visit Keukenhof which is known as ‘The most beautiful spring garden in the world’ If you ever get the chance to visit, it is so worth it, even if you are not a gardener. Its worth it for just seeing the range of colours. As you can imagine I took so many photos, especially close ups of the flowers.

My colour inspirations

Anyone who knows me, knows I love orchids. I do have about 14 of my own. I’d have more but I have run out of windowsills! But look at the rich depth of colours on their petals. Even the first 2 photos of tulips you can see the the rich colours. Nature puts colours together that are appealing to the eye, that is why we are drawn to them.

But how can seeing photos or seeing flowers be inspriring? Colour is all round us, its just if we really see it. We take it for granted that we see spring flowers every year.

My cotton colour packs were inspired by the spring flowers we see in our gardens and in the countryside.

Let nature with its beautiful colours inspire you, it has me! I’m looking forward to more designing and producing new kits and sharing them with you 🙂

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