The Magic of Rolag Creations

When I go to make new colour ways of rolags, I use nature to inspire me. I love to see how the different colours blend or combine with each other. Just looking around my back garden (which I admit isn’t very well maintained!) I see flowers that are in bloom, Mother Nature at her best.

Once I have chosen the colours I want to work with, I like to see if they compliment each other. Below is 6 colours Terracotta, Mulberry, Sage, Blossom, Grey & Light Mulberry. At this point, it’s not always obvious how the blend will turn out.

My chosen colours

I keep a record of the different amounts of each colour, a bit like writing out the ingredients in a recipe. 🙂

Then comes the fun bit, using the blending board to create the magic.

First Blend of colours
Finished rolags

What shall I call this beautiful blend? Sometimes they sing to me ‘I know what we should be called’ and sometimes it isn’t an easy choice. I know in the grand scheme of things, this isn’t such a big issue, but I do like to name my colour blends. I decided to call this latest creation ‘French Rose’, each rolag has its unique blend. These can be found along with many more colour blends in my Etsy shop – chasobendesigns@etsy.com

Thanks for reading and take care

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