New Year, new ideas & an old challenge!

Yes, back in 2020, I set myself a 100 day challenge. Well, hands up, I admit now, I’m never going to make it. The shop has been so busy over the last couple of months, I have extended my working hours and I just haven’t had the time to do as much as I wanted. Although I have managed to spin, ply & wash about 200g of yarn. As I’m one for knitting in front of the TV, I decided to start designing the cardigan, that I wanted to make. I am using an old cardigan as my template and counting rows and stitches to get the right shape. I knitted up a tension square (yes I hate them too). I am going to treat the yarn as a double knit, because there are imperfections every now and again.

As I am impatient, I started to knit the back without having all the yarn. This might well come back to bite me, but the whole point of the challenge was not just the time, but to make a garment from scratch. And learn along the way. I’ll keep updated as I go 🙂

As now Brexit has happened, unfortunately so has the import duties and delays (Covid also has a lot to do with it). There are many yarn companies who are struggling to get their supplies from abroad. So anyone who buys from me, I apologise for anything out of stock, I am trying to get stock as and when I can.

I have so many new designs for Cowls etc and a new item I am making. This is top secret, so watch this space 🙂

Our pups are growing so fast, they are both over 6 months old, nearly 7. Where has the time gone. As we had snow, we thought they would like to have a run about in the garden. To be honest, they weren’t all that bothered, they were too busy running about. So it is amazing we got these photos! Darcy our older Yorkie, decided to stay in the warm!

Take care and look after yourselves

Sally xx

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